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The Academy's Founder

Founder and Certified ESL Teacher  Alicia Greene wanted to create a virtual school where everyone can learn the language conveniently. She has a Bachelor's Degree from American University and several teaching certificates from various Schools that include Global Language Training and Teach International. Moreover, Alicia has taught in several K-12 public, private and online institutions in the United States and internationally for over 12 years. She has privately tutored adults, college, and elementary students in her native English language. 

Alicia Specializes in Teaching various English courses that include TEFL, Teaching English to Young Learners (TEYL), Business English, and IELTS. The prominent schools she has worked in include Montgomery County Public Schools and various online English schools like Vipkid, 51Talk (HAWO American Academy ), and Verbling.

Alicia will make herself readily available to each student through video chats, whiteboard technology, and email interactions. She will prepare a customized lesson plan tailored to meet each student's needs. Lastly, she firmly believes that a good teacher needs to be a good listener so they can better assist and give constructive criticism.

My Contact Email:  aliciagreene@tetacad.live



Teaching Certificates / Achievements:


English Academy Curriculum:

A. Origin of English
B. Identifying the purpose
C. Learning Methodology (building confidence)
D. Word order
E. Grammar
F. Common English Expression
G. Common mistakes in English

A. Conversational topics
B. Warm-up Exercises (icebreakers, tongue-twisters)
C. Everyday English Dialogue practice
D. Spelling
E. Phonics Review
F. Pronunciation techniques (word stress/syllables)

A. Reading comprehension literature
B. Summarizing/Paraphrasing text
C. Vocabulary building
D. Studying/memorization strategies
E. Reading activities (multiple choice, purpose statement, literary elements,)
F. Reading Quizzes

A. Types of essays
B. Development of thesis statement
C. Evaluating, editing, revising & brainstorming techniques
D. Free-writing exercises

A. Online interactive technology
B. Virtual dictionary/thesaurus
C. Online textbooks
D. Individualized lesson plans


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